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Chair 807

Head of the Chair 807
Academician of RAS Ganiev R.F.

Chair 807 “Applied physics” was organized on the “Applied mathematics and physics” faculty of MAI in October, 1997, separating from the general physics chair.

The chair reads the general physics course on the “aircraft- and helicopter- manufacturing” and “aircraft engines” faculties, as well as on the “Comet” filial. For students of the “Applied mathematics and physics” faculty such courses as “electrical engineering and electronics”, “standardization and patenting”, as well as special courses on “physics of high technologies” specializations are being read.

Main scientific direction of the chair – nonlinear wave mechanics and creating new high-performance technologies to obtain:

  • New materials with special properties, especially for the construction industry;
  • High-performance machines, in particular – for processing of agricultural products;
  • New high-quality colorants;
  • New devices for the medical industry (wave massagers, homogenizers of medicines);
  • Equipment for the oil industry;
  • Instruments and equipment for solving ecological problems (increase in efficiency of fuel’s combustion and reducing the harmful pollution of the atmosphere; treatment plants; oxygen saturation etc.);

The work is carried out within the educational research center “nonlinear wave mechanics and ecology”, created by the chair.

Another scientific direction – electrodynamics of the edge plasma near charged bodies.

  • Calculation of edge plasma near spacecrafts;
  • Study of the transfer process and the dynamics of dense plasma;
  • Probe diagnostics of plasma.