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Chair 806

Professor, Corresponding Member of RAS
Pirumov U.G.

The chair was founded in 1973, basing on the applied and calculating mathematics chair.

Produces 64 mathematicians-engineers on the “Applied mathematics and IT (qualification: “mathematician, system programmer”) specialty each year.

Teachers and fellows of the chair have been awarded the honorary title.

Members of Russian and international academies are part of the chair.

Graduate school and doctorate, which traditionally are the biggest of the university, function successfully.

Currently there are 48 graduate students and 3 PhDs on the chair.

During 1975-2001 more then 140 PhD and Doctor Works have been protected in the Scientific Councils of the faculty. During the last 20 years more than 60 fellows and graduate students of the faculty have graduated, 4 of which became Doctors.

Since 1976 functions the Student research bureau, which is Laureate of the “Leninsky komsomol” award of 1980.

Teachers and fellows of the chair take part in all-union and international conferences.

8 all-union and international conferences have been organized and held.

More than 15 monographs and books have been published, over 40 tutorials and more than 300 articles in foreign and native academic science journals.

Involvement in grants and economic agreements

The chair performs a lot of contracts, gets grants of many scientific founds, including grants of the Russian Found of Fundamental Researches.

Holding symposiums and conferences

Following scientific arrangements have been organized:

  • 9th school on software packages, Adler, 1991.
  • First international conference on nonequilibrium processes in nozzles and jets, Moscow, 1995.
  • All-Russian school-seminar “analytical approaches to optimize processes in liquid’s and gas’ mechanics”, Yaropolets, 1996.
  • Second international conference on on nonequilibrium processes in nozzles and jets, St. Petersburg, 1998.
  • 10th anniversary conference on computational mechanics and modern applied software systems, Pereslavl-Zaleski, 1999.
  • Third international conference on nonequilibrium processes in nozzles and jets, Istra, 2000.