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Chair 805

Head of the Chair 805
Doctor of Physical Sciences and Mathematics,
Professor Panteleev A. V.

The “Mathematical cybernetics” chair of the Moscow Aviation Institute (Governmental Technical University) was created in 1973 and until 1988 was called “Differential equations and mathematical theory of management”.

The “Mathematical cybernetics” chair as part of the “Applied mathematics and physics” faculty prepares engineers-mathematicians on the specialty 230401 “Applied mathematics” on following specializations:

  • Information technologies in management;
  • Information technologies in education.

The chair prepares engineers-mathematicians and at the same time makes a mathematical training on engineering, economical and humanitarian faculties in following subjects:

  • Linear algebra and analytic geometry;
  • Mathematical analysis;
  • Differential equations;
  • Theory of the functions of a complex variable and operational calculus;
  • Discrete mathematics;
  • The theory of optimization and numerical methods;
  • System analysis and the operations’ research;
  • Management decisions;
  • Theory of making decisions;
  • Mathematical logic and theory of algorithms;
  • Differential and integral equations of mathematical physics.

Main study courses, read for students of the “Applied mathematics and physics” faculty of MAI:

  • Linear algebra and analytic geometry;
  • Discrete mathematics;
  • Optimization methods;
  • Theory of management;
  • Theory of games and researching operations;
  • Intellectual systems;
  • Computer technologies of education.

The chair reads 11 special courses on specialization disciplines for students of the 4th and 5th courses.

Full-time, distance, target graduate works on the chair to prepare PhDs of physical-mathematical science on following specialties:

  • 05.13.01 System analysis, management and handling information;
  • 05,13,11 Mathematical and program support of computers, complexes and computer networks;
  • 05.13.18 mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes.