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Chair 804

Head of the Chair 804
Professor A.I. Kibzun

The “Probability theory” chair was founded on the faculty of Applied mathematics of MAI in 1973.

Currently 6 professors, Doctors of physical-mathematical science and over 15 lecturers, PhDs of physics and mathematics are part of the chair.

Currently fellows of the chair read lectures on probability theory and mathematical statistics on engineer faculties of MAI, basic courses “Probability theory”, “Mathematical statistics”, “Functional analysis”, “Theory of random processes”, “Mathematical economy” and series of special courses on the faculty of Applied mathematics and physics, as well as courses of higher mathematics on faculties 3 and 7.

Many students of higher courses of the applied physics and mathematics faculty, along with scientists and graduate students of the chair, work at a scientific work, which takes the main place in the chair’s activity. Many directions of the scientific work of the chair are supported with grants of the Russian academy of science, the Russian found of fundamental researches, the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, the scientific program “Russian universities”, international funds of INTAS and ISSEP. Workers and graduate students have defended 6 doctor and 24 PhD dissertations.

Achievements of the chair’s workers in educational and scientific and work have been highly rewarded many times.