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Chair 802

The “Theoretical mechanics” chair was founded in 1930. In the autumn of 1939, the chair had been separated in two different chairs: for the aircraft faculty and for the motors faculty. In the beginning of 1933 both chairs had been reunited.

Currently 35 fellows, including 29 teachers, 10 of which are professors, Doctors, and 15 lecturers, PhDs are part of the chair.

Since 1973 the chair produces 15 engineer-mathematicians on the “Applied mathematics” specialty.

Main studying courses:

  • Theoretical mechanics;
  • The mechanics of continuous environments;
  • Mathematical modeling;
  • Specialization courses in using mathematical methods and computers in aviation and space technique, as well as mathematical and program support for intellectual systems.

In addition, the chair is producing students in the “Applied mathematics” specialty, preparing students for following professions:

  • “Application of mathematical methods in aerospace engineering”;
  • “Mathematical and program support of intellectual systems”.

Scientific seminars

Main directions of scientific researches:

  • Analytical mechanics; motion stability, the theory of nonlinear oscillations;
  • Mathematical modeling of aerospace technique objects and systems;
  • Mathematical and program support of aerospace technique systems, problems of artificial intelligence;

Over 60 PhDs and 10 Doctors of physical and mathematical science have been prepared on this chair.