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Chair 801

Head of the Chair 801
Professor G.G.Spirin

Founded in 1930.

Currently 125 employees, including 71 teachers, 5 professors, Doctors and 30 lecturers, PhDs are part of the chair.

The chair produces 15 specialists each year.

The main studying rate for students of daytime and evening courses of MAI and it’s branches is he general course of physics. There are over 10 rates and seminars on using mathematical methods and computers for researching special problems of theoretical and applied physics are organized on the chair in the “applied mathematics” branch.

The chair has a display classroom for laboratory works and a modern practice laboratory.

Main directions of scientific researches::

  • Theoretical and experimental basis of plasma physics, including researches of electric probes and mathematical modeling in electrodynamics;
  • Studying hollow cathodes, spectroscopic diagnostics of gases and low-temperature plasma, spectral analyze and mathematical modeling of plasma;
  • Thermo-physical properties of substances, including: studying thermo-capacity, viscosity, thermo-dynamical properties, equalization of the state, thermo-isolation, thermo-physical properties of solutions of liquid alkali metals;
  • Theoretical and experimental basis of the general theory of relativity, in particular – measuring anisotropy of the speed of light in the gravity field using a laser interferometer;
  • The passage of charged particles through a variety of substances and channeling.

Over 50 PhDs and 6 Doctors have been prepared on this chair.