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The «Applied mathematics and physics» faculty.

The faculty is preparing students for two specialties:

The faculty is preparing students for two specialties:

  • «Applied mathematics and IT», qualification – «mathematician, system programmer»;
  • «Applied mathematics», qualification – «engineer-mathematician».

Since 2011, because of the establishment of new state standards of higher professional education in the Russian Federation, the reception on following training directions is being performed:

  • Applied mathematics and IT;
  • Applied mathematics.

For the last 40 years the faculty has been preparing specialists, which successfully work in the area of creation and usage of mathematical and program support of calculating, informational intellectual systems, as well as use of mathematical methods, mathematical simulation and computers in aviation and cosmonautics, in economics, physics, ecology and other scientific directions.

The students of the faculty get fundamental education in mathematics, cybernetics, IT applied and system programming. The calculating laboratories of the chairs, equipped with the latest calculating technique, help the effective mastering of work with a computer. The success of students from this faculty in Moscow and Russian Olympiads in mathematics, programming and theoretical mechanics have become traditional. Often they take prize places in international students’ projects of program systems competitions; we have raised our achievements in the All-Russian scientific works competitions.

During the studying process, the students take part in scientific seminars, in-university and all-Russian conferences and competitions, publish scientific works in different publications. Many senior men have individual studying plans in different specialties of postgraduate studies.

All chairs of the faculty are graduating, and specialize in the following areas:

Highly qualified specialists work on chairs of the faculty – Doctors and PhDs of physics and mathematics, professors and docents. 1 academician, 1 corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science and laureates of state prizes are among the teachers.

Graduates of the faculty work in computer centers, experimental design bureaus and research institutes. The most gifted will continue traineeship. Along with governmental and industrial enterprises and agencies, graduates and senior men of the faculty are being invited to work in the bank and commercial structures and other organizations, which widely use computer and information technologies.

The faculty is respected abroad and has wide international contacts, teaches foreign students and graduate students. Students and graduate students of the faculty can have an internship abroad.

During the studying process students of the faculty have communications with all chairs, so that they could choose their future specialty.

Some students earn grants of the Scientific Council of the MAI, Governmental and Presidential grants.

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